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Brand New from Ridley Pearson

Mourning the lack of a new KINGDOM KEEPERS book this winter? Ridley is bringing you two unpublished books – and you can sample them only on Ampersand! 

First 7 chapters of a book following five friends as they fight to protect endangered animals.

First 5 chapters of a new, action-packed teen adventure about young hackers using their skills for good.

Fun extras about Ridley Pearson, his writing, and his KINGDOM KEEPERS characters.

First 5 chapters of a new series by a friend of Ridley's, about about a girl who cons strangers to survive... and draws the interest of the FBI.

Available only until May 15, 2018*

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*These stories are pre-publication, and thus can only exist in our app for a limited time. Then they go back in the vault, awaiting their next stage of life.  For more details, see our Terms of Service.