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Ampersand gives readers an intimate, safe place to connect with their favorite books. No forums or message boards. No trolls. No haters. Just a community of people who appreciate the artistry of a story well told.

Real engagement. Real results.

What's the number one thing readers want from their favorite authors? More more more of your rich storyworlds and the beloved characters who live there. Ampersand helps you engage your readers with what matters most—your writing—deepening your relationship with existing fans and introducing you to a whole legion of new ones.

Start at the Beginning.

Underpinning our consumer reading app is the industry's most powerful writing and analytics platform. Built by writers and editors to support your creative process, Ampersand lets you iterate with select readers before publication. Tell your story. Watch how readers react. Tell it again. All in one single living manuscript. No more digging through drafts or agonizing over lost work—we save every single keystroke. Trust us, you'll never go back.

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The ease and freedom of the writing experience is liberating. Your editor(s) can comment in-line where the comments count, are easily found and just as easily made to disappear. Ampersand is the most efficient writing program I’ve used (and I’ve used plenty, over my 55 novels!) It’s nothing short of a “game changer” for me—a cliche, I know, but with Ampersand we can edit that out...

Ridley Pearson

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