The Final Chapter

For the past four years, the Ampersand team has been quietly focused on creating real and meaningful change in the publishing industry. But today, it's Ampersand turn to change. While we're excited about our next chapter, we're also sad to be shutting down our reading app. 

Effective August 16, we are no longer accepting new users, but existing customers will have access to their purchased  content through September 15, 2018. 

It's a bittersweet goodbye, and we're grateful to all of the wonderful people who made this journey so worthwhile. 

-- the Ampersand team




Why is Ampersand shutting down its app?
Ampersand evolving, and while good things are in store, sadly this also means we will no longer be providing an app or service.

How long will my reads be available?
Your reads and group activity will be live and active until August 31, 2018. The Ampersand app will remain on your devices for you to read your purchased content until September 15, 2018. After that time, you will no longer have access to Ampersand reading.

Can I continue to use the Ampersand App?
On August 31, our servers will no longer refresh app content, but the Ampersand app will remain on your devices for your to read until September 15. If you have not finished reading your purchased Ampersand material, you may wish to request a refund from Apple or Google.

What happens to my reading group activity?
All of your reads, group data, and account information will be permanently deleted from our servers after August 31, 2018. Ampersand will not archive, share, or save user information in any way.

Any other questions?
Until August 31, 2018, you can drop us a line at if you have any questions.