Telecom speed-eating contest

Posted on Wednesday 26 March 2008

If you’re interested in VoIP and you’re not reading Ike Elliot’s Telecosm, you should be. Ike is a former Level(3) exec turned industry consultant and blogger, and he’s doing a great job.

I was catching up on Telecosm today and came across this post where he comments on Andy’s speculation that Kevin O’Hara’s departure from Level(3) might be preparatory to an acquisition of XO, Global Crossing and/or Sprint. He writes …

the company is still playing catch-up on the string of acquisitions it made for the past several years. Like a contestant at a speed-eating contest, they were plowing through hot dogs until they got to the one labeled Broadwing, and they choked. The Heimlich maneuver has included re-assigning leading executives to focus on the problem, and re-forecasting 2008 revenues, and now the departure of the President and COO. That’s a lot of indigestion, so I don’t think the company is ready to start shoveling in more hot dogs right now

I laughed so hard, this is quite the entertaining analogy. Having some good friends remaining at Level(3), I hope their dose of pepto-bismal  is getting things settled down (now there’s a site with a lot of pink!).

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