VON Day 1, Lessig, Pepper, MMOG

Posted on Wednesday 15 March 2006

I had a lot of fun at VON yesterday, and took a few notes on things I found interesting:

Larry Lessig started the day off at 8:30 with an excellent, well-rehearsed talk on commons, property rights, history, network neutrality etc. He talks about networks other than the internet … “unowned networks”, like the electric grid, like the highway system. You don’t have preferential tiers of service here, no “electrons for your heart monitor are really important, so we’ll charge more for them”. He talks about how less central control produces more innovation. He talks about the “innovation commons”. But hey, why listen to me talk about what Lessig said, when you can watch his talk for free here. (oops, that’s just a clip, but the full talk will be up soon)

Bob Pepper talked about Cisco releasing a position on network neutrality. He talked about false choices: a) no service differentiation, everyone gets the same thing, b) service providers running amok degrading your traffic unless you pay. He says neither is correct. He says the reality is that we have a managed network today and that VoIP etc relies on it.

I enjoyed my two panels, but even more enjoyed the great panel on MMOG led by Bob Moore, a sociologist at PARC, with Nick Yee of Project Daedalus. I’m just fascinated with these Synthetic Worlds. When I have time I’m going to go through Daedalus in detail and maybe post about it.

Update: Row 2 photo here, sandwiched between Mark Spencer and Blair Levin. Pretty good company, no?

    Steven Schaaf
    March 16, 2006 | 2:18 pm

    Yeah, I had my heater turned way up. It almost got down to freezing, didn’t it?

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